'The Daily Show' Doesn't Trust John Kerry to Help the Middle East

A bright glimmer of hope in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict gets doused. John Stewart is holding out for a hero.

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A glimmer of hope in the Israeli-Palesinian Conflict – a 12-hour ceasefire – proved to be fruitless in growing any sort of momentum towards peace. Who can Jon Stewart and The Daily Show crew turn to now to create real change in the Middle East?

If last night's show was any indication, the options aren't great. While a midnight meeting of the UN Security Council may seem impressive – "Stand back, bitches! The UN is in town!" Stewart yelled – they proved ineffective. All they did was pass a statement calling for a ceasefire; they didn't even pass a resolution.

"Not even a resolution? 'Guys, I don't know, a resolution seems pretty stern,'" Stewart said mockingly. "'Even a statement, I don't know. What's the death toll, a thousand and growing?'"

So the UN isn't going to save the Middle East. Perhaps Pope Francis, with his recent plea for the fighting to stop, could step in?

"Your Holiness, I could not agree more," Stewart said, then admitting, "But I have to say, Sheriff, I'm not sure this particular fight is your jurisdiction."

Who else is there to help? Secretary of State John Kerry, perhaps, who just traveled to the region to push for a ceasefire?

"Anyone else? Is there anyone else that has the authority?" Stewart sighed. "All right. Give it your best shot."

He did, and his ceasefire petition was shot down unanimously, with Stewart left still holding out for a hero.

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