Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Arrested for Saying Yes To Drugs

Today in celebrity gossip: Robert Downey Jr.'s son has drug problems, Shia LaBeouf has mental problems, and Disney actor Billy Unger has alcohol problems.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Robert Downey Jr.'s son has drug problems, Shia LaBeouf has mental problems, and Disney actor Billy Unger has alcohol problems.

Drugs are bad and our brains are even worse, and it just doesn't seem fair that a young person should have to deal with serious addiction issues on a public stage just because his or her father is famous. Yet here we are, talking about Robert Downey Jr.'s son, 20-year-old Indio Falconer Downey, who was arrested this week for possession of cocaine. Apparently shortly before 2 p.m. yesterday a Sheriff's deputy pulled up next to the younger Downey's vehicle in West Hollywood and personally witnessed him "using the pipe" to smoke cocaine, which, in my opinion, is illegal. If we're being real, the reason this story is being widely discussed is because of Robert Downey Jr.'s very public battles with drug addiction, a harrowing era that preceded a huge career comeback with things like Iron Man. (And frankly, drug addiction and the road to recovery is something that should be discussed way more often, which is the hopeful brightside to dragging this poor kid into the spotlight like this.) In a prepared statement Downey Jr. lamented that his son is afflicted by his same curse: "Unfortunately there’s a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it." But of course the silver lining is that since Downey Jr. has been through similar issues and presumably has developed tools for overcoming it, his son might hopefully follow in those footsteps also. Hopefully? Okay. [Page Six, TMZ]

Radar is reporting (a phrase that should always raise caution) that Shia LaBeouf has checked into a rehab facility following his arrest last week for making a scene during a performance of Cabaret, and worse, trying to steal a homeless man's McDonald's french fries. Says Radar: "The actor checked into rehab in Los Angeles on Monday after being spotted carrying Alcoholics Anonymous literature." This is relatively consistent with E!'s assertion that LaBeouf's ostensible meltdown was NOT drug related, but was VERY alcohol related. So, um, phew? Anyway, like with the Robert Downey Jr. story, LaBeouf's struggles have a familial link: "the actor admitted long ago to attending AA meetings as a child, accompanying his father." So it would appear he's back in recovery, but as we all know it often takes a lot of tries before sobriety finally sticks. Maybe this is the one that counts? [Radar, E! Online]

Oh gosh, more of this, sorry: 18-year-old Disney Channel star Billy Unger (Lab Rats) was arrested for DUI last Saturday night after he was pulled over for speeding on the PCH in Malibu. According to Page Six, the young actor blew a .08 blood alcohol level, which would be legal if he were legally allowed to drink. Nobody's claiming this DUI is anywhere near as indicative of personal demons like those earlier two stories, but still: Maybe don't drink and drive, everybody! There are apps on your phone that will get you home. Just a tip. [Page Six]

Perhaps this might provide a silver lining to that bummerific trifecta of items: Amanda Bynes has had all her charges dismissed in the case of her plummeting bong. It feels much more okay to discuss Bynes now that she seems to be doing well and thriving under the care of her parents, but during her darkest struggles with mental illness drugs alcohol fame whatever, she notoriously threw a glass bong out a high-rise window during a police pot bust, which, in my opinion, is dangerous. Anyway, a judge told her the charges would be dismissed should she stay out of trouble for 6 months, and that's what has happened. See, sometimes troubled young actors CAN get it together. Silver lining for sure. [TMZ]

Hey guess what? Last weekend Prince Harry visited Santiago, Chile and stopped in to hang out with the youth of a local low-income daycare. Would it surprise you to learn that he indulged in an impromptu dance routine to Katy Perry's "Firework"? Because Prince Harry indulged in an impromptu dance routine to Katy Perry's "Firework." Here is the evidence:

[E! Online]

Zac Efron's currently having the vacation of a lifetime, if your definition of 'vacation of a lifetime' involves hanging out with Michelle Rodriguez and occasionally dancing on tabletops to Jason Derulo songs:

Everyone thinks this is such a charming video of Britney Spears walking her dogs, but it's actually a deeply chilling cry for help:

Just a friendly reminder that Britney Spears has no legal control over her own life!

Meanwhile here's Miley Cyrus in a rainbow wig for some reason.

Here's Austin Mahone in Berlin, just chillin' and relaxin' and having a great day while sitting on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:

And finally, it's anybody's guess what kind of creature exactly is lying on Colton Haynes' chest, but maybe it's a real life Gizmo from Gremlins? Either way, please enjoy:

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