Peter Pan Will Be a Marnie: Allison Williams Doing NBC's Live Musical

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Girls star Allison Williams will be playing Peter Pan in NBC's live version of the classic musical. Yes, let that sink in for a second, Marnie will be playing Peter Pan. 

Williams joins the already cast Christopher Walken in NBC's follow up to The Sound of Music Live, the network's Carrie Underwood-starring ratings juggernaut and Twitter target. 

Williams can clearly sing, as we know from her renditions of Kanye and Edie Brickell on Girls. Despite her chops, there is definitely going to be something disarming about watching Williams, best known for playing a character with crippling narcissism, spout a desire to crow. On the other hand, Williams deciding to take on this part, which will likely provoke social media mocking, is such a Marnie thing to do. 

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