The Wire's Movie Trailer Power Rankings: 'Dear White People' Surges onto Our List

The Wire's trailer ranking sees a new #1 in its second week, the chart debut of no fewer than three trailers, including a certain bondage-themed romance, and a bougie Lisa Bonet wannabe.

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Every week here at The Wire, we're bringing you an up-to-date ranking of the trailers that are already making us laugh, cry, and hope for good things for Reese Witherspoon. Our methodology involves staff-wide rankings and YouTube views, then Lucy just looks at them and shuffles them around using 88% of her brain power.

Some weeks are a bounty of new trailer delights. Sometimes, there is a fallow harvest. This week is pretty bountiful! All told, six new trailers made their debut, two of which break into the top ten. We've also had some older trailers make their first appearance on the chart. It was a solid week for movie trailers, is what we're saying. Mostly thanks to Beyoncé.

This Week's Trailer Debuts

Whiplash, the Sundance darling starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons, just released its trailer yesterday. Expect it to make a big splash on the charts next week. The Miss Julie trailer manages to be sexier than another trailer for a movie about sex released this week, but we'll get back to that later. We don't really know what Jake Gyllenhaal is up to in the weird new Nightcrawler trailer, but we'd be lying to say we're not intrigued. Finally, we have two new trailers for The Imitation Game, the Alan Turing biopic starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Neither made our top 10, and we know how much you all love Cumberbackofsomeonesthumb, so we apologize in advance.

Movie Trailer Power Rankings as of July 25, 2014

10. Guardians of the Galaxy (last week: 10)

The Wire's entertainment staff is a house divided on this movie. Some can't wait for it, while others couldn't care less. This week's rankings are by someone from the latter camp who still thinks the raccoon is pretty cute. So enjoy the raccoon.

9. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (last week: --)

This film, which was conceived as two separate films telling the same story from different points of view, will be released in three forms: Him, from James McAvoy's perspective; Her, from Jessica Chastain's; and Them, a blend of the two. Sign us up to see all three.

8. Interstellar (last week: --)

There's plenty of good reasons to love this trailer. Maybe you've missed Christopher Nolan or Anne Hathaway. Maybe you're still all in for the McConnaissance. Or maybe you're living for the shot of Jessica Chastain in a burning field. We understand. We're here for the third option, too.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey (last week: --)

If you've been at work all day, you may not have seen this trailer yet! It is, indeed, very sexual, if maybe not very sexy? But its placement on this chart is 100% owed to Beyoncé's slowed-down, creepy, possibly terrible, probably amazing, definitely batshit insane version of "Crazy in Love."

6. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (last week: 4)

We're switching to the second version this week, because we're still obsessed with Johanna's arm.

5. The Skeleton Twins (last week: 2)

According to director Craig Johnson, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader were supposed to lip-synch "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, but that moment is too associated with Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids now. This ends your fun fact portion of this week's power rankings.

4. Wild (last week: 3)

We are all the fox Reese Witherspoon stares at in the Wild trailer.

3. Dear White People (last week: 5)

Though the teaser trailer appeared on our list last week, the full trailer, released this week, is far more exciting. The performances all look pretty perfect, the lines are killer ("a bougie Lisa Bonet wannabe" is our current favorite), and overall, this looks like it'll live up to the Sundance hype. Oct. 17 has never seemed farther away.

2. Gone Girl (last week: 1)

Already, we can tell Gillian Flynn took things in some interesting new directions with the adaptation of her award-winning novel. "This man of mine may kill me" is an interesting riff on a line in the book. We're excited to see what other liberties she's taken. October 3 can't come fast enough.

1. Birdman (last week: 6)

Birdman barrels to the top of the chart as we find ourselves unable to stop obsessing over it. The good news is that it'll be closing the New York Film Festival. The best news is that the shot of Emma Stone's face gives us renewed hope for her career.

This Week's Single Best Moment from Any Current Trailer

The Dear White People trailer is 90 percent hilarious and biting. But there are two aspects – one line, one moment – that feel more emotionally resonant than the scenes around them. Both involve Mad Men's Teyonah Parris in a blonde wig. The first is a line she delivers at what appears to be a party: "They pay millions of dollars on their lips, their tans, Jay Z tickets, because they want to be like us." Later in the trailer, as she leaves that same party, Parris' upset character tears her blonde wig off. It's an affecting combo, even if we don't quite know what the surrounding narrative is yet.

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