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Continuing the trend of diversifying their lineup of heroes, Marvel announced on last night's episode of The Colbert Report that the next Captain America will be Sam Wilson – currently known as The Falcon.

Through an interview with Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Stephen Colbert broke the news that because current Captain Steve Rogers will have his powers drained, Wilson will have to pick up the star-emblazoned shield.

It's the second big change for Marvel's Avengers this week. On Tuesday, the women of The View announced that the next Thor would be a woman. Like with Thor, the new Captain America isn't an off-shoot series – this is the primary Captain America, and the first black Captain America to officially hold the title.

Both new heroes are part of an initiative called "Avengers NOW!" which will include a revamped Iron Man and several new series.

Notably, though, this means nothing for the Avengers film series. Marvel's cinematic universe is considered separate from its comic universe. So while excitement for Anthony Mackie, who plays Wilson in the films, is understandable, there's no indication such a change will be made. (Quesada even insisted in his Colbert appearance that Chris Evans would continue to play the hero moving forward.)

The new series will be called All-New Captain America. Check out Colbert and Quesada's announcement below.

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