Let's All Take Stock of the Fact That Jonah Hill Officiated Adam Levine's Wedding

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Jonah Hill and Stevie Nicks were the unlikely heroes at the Adam Levine-​Behati Prinsloo nuptials in Cabo San Lucas. According to E! and basically the rest of the internet, the Maroon 5 frontman and ubiquitous commercial presence had Jonah Hill perform his wedding ceremony and Stevie Nicks perform at the reception.

Levine and Nicks were said to have performed together. And more yet about the spectacle:

Aside from Coco Rocha, the majority of the bridesmaids were Victoria Secret models and they wore white dresses. Meanwhile, the groomsmen sported black Hawaiian print shirts and black trousers." 

Being childhood friends with the polarizing, prom date-stealing Adam Levine seems like a pretty serious albatross, but Hill is apparently fine with it. Earlier this summer, Hill attested to it while under fire on The Colbert Report during a 22 Jump Street press lap.

Here's how Colbert pressed:

Before we get started, I just want to get something out of the way, the elephant in the room. Learned something disturbing recently. Um...it was revealed that you are friends with Adam Levine. Would you like to apologize, because I have had 'Moves Like Jagger' in my head for three years and someone needs to say they're f--king sorry for that."

Perhaps relieved that Colbert was referencing Hill's controversial gay slur, he responded thusly: "He's a great guy—the song's too catchy." 

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