Jenny Lewis Makes Hathaway, Stewart, and Larson 'Just One of the Guys'

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Jenny Lewis enlisted some actress friends—namely Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, and Brie Larson—to be her girl band and dress as dudes for her song "Just One of the Guys." Lewis' song is basically an ode to her biological clock and not being one of Amy Schumer's "chicks who can hang." So in the video, Hathaway, Stewart, Larson, and Lewis posture as obnoxious guys wearing terrible tracksuits, wigs, and facial hair, each sporting their best deadpan Robert Palmer Girls expression. 

Additionally, Stewart does her best Bieber through much of the video.

Hathaway pulls a Sinead O'Connor tear

And Larson looks, well, adorable. 

If we really want to over-analyze the video, we might say something about how the song's lyrics speak to the double standard all of these actresses face in the public eye. Whereas male stars can get away with being blasé with the press or campaigning hard for an Oscar, actresses like Stewart and Hathaway get criticized. No matter how hard they try to be just one of the guys, they can't, and it's awesome. 

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