'Into the Woods' Trailer Promises Wishes and Witches

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The trailer for Disney's eagerly anticipated (by some of us) Stephen Sondheim adaptation Into the Woods is here. And it's selling the movie as a massive, must-see production. There's no singing in the trailer, but a variety of the characters speak "I wish," the phrase repeated throughout the show's prologue.  

Fans of Sondheim's musical are already approaching the adaptation with a wary eye based on a report that the show's content would be drastically changed, taking out some of its trademark subversiveness. (This is a fairytale wherein people die horrible deaths and cheat on their spouses.) Sondheim, however, reassured that everything was okay

The trailer itself certainly looks dramatic, and features Rapunzel—who dies in the show, but is said to be spared in the movie—in a hazardous situation. Of course, then there's Meryl, who gets to speak the only non-"I wish" words in the trailer. If only we had gotten her bean rap

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