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Lest you think that the latest from Christopher Nolan was going to be all sci-fi mumbo jumbo without a strong emotional core, the new trailer for Interstellar is here to prove you wrong. The footage, which aired at Comic-Con, focuses heavily on the relationship between Matthew McConaughey and his daughter, played as a child by Mackenzie Foy, who is already making us tear up. (Jessica Chastain likely plays the adult version of Foy's character.)  

Of course we don't get much of the—likely complicated—plot here. (Wormholes!) Instead, the trailer is all stunning visuals and heart swelling talk of love and the universe. Basically, by the time Michael Caine starts reciting Dylan Thomas we're 100 percent on board. 

Watch the trailer here, just input the access code: 7201969. (The date of the moon landing...get it?)

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