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The first glimpse at season four of Homeland sets a pretty big reset button on the show. After—spoiler alert if you are Jennifer Lawrence—doing away with Brody at the end of last season, the trailer for Showtime's terrorism thriller isn't hitting completely familiar beats. Carrie Mathison has had Brody's baby—note the happy, framed photo in the trailer—is now working in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and seems to have her act together. There is barely any cry face in this trailer, though there is some requisite pill popping and wine drinking.

Someone also tells Carrie, threateningly, that he hopes "she is on her best behavior here in Pakistan." But for the most part, it looks like the show is treading a lot of new territory with these characters, which should be a welcome change for those who had grown wearing of its is he/isn't antics with Brody over the past two seasons. 

At the Television Critics Association press tour today, the show's team revealed that in this season Mandy Patinkin's Saul will be a private contractor, and that in all likelihood the Brody family will not appear. Somewhere in the land of rejected TV characters, Dana Brody is making a face

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