New 'Gone Girl' Trailer: 'This Man of Mine May Kill Me'

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Ben Affleck looks pretty guilty in the new trailer for David Fincher's Gone Girl, the eagerly anticipated adaptation of Gillian Flynn's twisty mystery novel. Affleck plays Nick Dunne, whose wife Amy (Rosamund Pike), goes missing, making him the focus of the investigation into her disappearance. 

Now, for those that have read the book, the trailer addresses how Fincher is going to tackle one of the trickier aspects of adapting Flynn's novel: the narration from Amy's diary. (We won't say anymore. We promise.) The trailer intersperses scenes of the chaos following Amy's disappearance with her own voice-over. 

We can't say much more for fear of spoilers, but we're intrigued by the glimpse we got of Neil Patrick Harris, as someone who knew Amy in the past, and the fact that we haven't yet seen anything from "Blurred Lines" model Emily Ratajkowski. Seriously, we really shouldn't say anymore. The movie hits theaters in October.

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