Disney Wants to Do a Live Action 'Dumbo'

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Disney is determined to remake all of their classics as live action features. Next up: Dumbo, a film filled with drunken antics and racist stereotypes. 

The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit reported that Transformers' Ehren Kruger will write the script and produce with Justin Springer of Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. After the box office success of this summer's live action take on Sleeping BeautyMaleficent, Disney will release Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella next year. The company also has a live action Jungle Book and a live action Beauty and the Beast in the works. And now, apparently, Dumbo.

Dumbo, from 1941, is a classic that is integral to Disney's legacy—just think of the ride!—but has also aged incredibly poorly, and is packed with nasty racist stereotypes. One of the crow's is named "Jim Crow."   

Presumably, a new live action version will gloss over some of the more unfavorable elements of the classic. (Though, Kruger's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was also rightly taken to task for racism.) 

Perhaps the live action version of the film will keep the part in which Dumbo gets drunk and hallucinates. 

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