A Boy and His Robot Try to Save San Fransokyo in the 'Big Hero 6' Trailer

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Think Iron Man but with a younger, unruly-haired version of Tony Stark and Jarvis in bubble robot form.

That's Big Hero 6 in a nutshell high-flying suit. Disney's animated action-comedy — based on a Marvel comic book series — centers on Hiro Hamada, a robotics prodigy who finds himself in the middle of a terrifying plot involving a Kabuki mask-donning villain who, he tells a skeptical cop in the trailer, telepathically controls micro-bots using a neuro-cranial transmitter. 

Hamada and his sidekick, a cutting edge but clumsy robot named Baymax (product tie-ins, here we come!), must then gather allies to defeat the mysterious evil.

The full-length trailer is the first to show a substantial glimpse at the near-future setting of San Fransokyo, after an earlier teaser focused on Baymax's design. More importantly, eagle-eyed viewers will spot an Easter Egg at the trailer's 1:14 mark that references Frozen, this one little Disney film you probably never heard about ever. For the non-eagle-eyed, we've taken a screenshot of the Wanted poster showing the nefarious Prince Hans circled: 

You're welcome. 

Big Hero 6  hits theaters November 7.

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