Wooomp: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas from Brazilian World Cup

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The incessant droning sounds that nearly ruined the 2010 World Cup in South Africa will not be a problem this time around — FIFA just confirmed that vuvuzelas, the "popular" South African horns, have been banned from Rio. 

Fox Sports reports fireworks, food, megaphones, hooters, and yes, vuvuzelas were included on FIFA's list of banned items from World Cup stadiums in Brazil. This effort is all part of the "Stadium Code of Conduct" that is meant to kill fun and/or ensure fans' safety during the month-long tournament. FIFA also plans to stop fans from bringing banners larger than three square meters (32 square feet) into the stadiums. 

You'll remember the last time the Hunger Games occurred that vuvuzelas became something of a mini-phenomenon. The affordable South African horns and their loud, suffocating "drnnnrnnrnrnrn" noises drowned out the usual chanting that accompanies international soccer matches. Vuvuzelas infuriated people. They charmed people. They generally tore us apart. But the soccer world rejected them shortly after, banning them from major international tournaments. FIFA decided to continue the trend. 

Now we will have to listen to more World Cup songs, like this one: 

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