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Based on the the tenth (!) trailer for Weezer's upcoming Everything Will Be Alright In The End, the album is either about Weezer and/or some other unnamed, possibly fictional band. After some not-so-wild speculating, we're betting Weezer.

The album, which we learned earlier this month is definitely not named after another Lost character, still doesn't have a release date, and outside of these 10 trailers, not much is known.

This tenth, released Thursday morning, is titled, ominously, "Eulogy For A Rock Band." Could that rock band be ... Weezer?!

Let's figure it out: The video opens with a Rivers Cuomo lookalike (the glasses, really) being tossed in a dumpster, then has some of that typewriter-y, analogue TV footage that's popped up in the previous nine trailers. Then there's this weird clipping from Crust Magazine Nov. 2 1985, apparently reporting on the deaths of a rock band. Considering the date, said band probably isn't Weezer.


We then cut back to our young Rivers lookalike, telling his mother he's moving to L.A., just as Cuomo did pre-Weezer. He tells her, "Don't worry mom, everything will be all right in the end" before heading out the door.

Cue new Weezer song snippet, with Cuomo singing: "Adios, rock band that we love the most/This is a toast to what you did, and all that you were fighting for." 

Okay, so that most beloved rock band is either the plane crash victims, or Cuomo is singing about himself. Maybe both, who knows? Some of the clip points to a non-Weezer band, some of it seems biographical. Whichever, Weezer writing an album or song eulogizing itself is certainly within the realm of possibility, right?

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