Watch Hugh Jackman Open the Tonys with Hopping For Some Reason

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After Neil Patrick Harris' gonzo opening number from last year's Tonys, Hugh Jackman played it relatively cool, quite literally hopping into the show. 

Jackman's bouncing began on the red carpet, and continued as he encountered the casts of this year's nominated shows. He picked up a jump rope alongside Rocky. He chatted with nominee for Hedwig and the Angry Inch Harris (who we had guessed would make a cameo) in an elevator. He was greeted by Alan Cumming from Cabaret and dancers from Aladdin. When he finally made it back onstage, he sang a few lines before introducing the cast from After Midnight, before joining them again in a tap number. 

So why the hopping?  The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg reported that Jackman said that hopping comes naturally to Australians. Or perhaps at least to people who have spent a lot of time training to play Wolverine. Watch the opening number below: 

(Update: As a commenter pointed out, the number is an homage to Bobby Van in Small Town Girl. Jackman himself made allusions to Van on social media.) 

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