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The teaser trailer for Dear White People, a hit out of Sundance, begins: "This fall in the tradition of The HelpThe Blind Side, and The Butler..." It then rips the stereotypes that populate those movies to shreds. "How come the only black movies Hollywood wants to make are ones with black mammies in fat suits?" one character asks. "Or black women in pain, man," another character adds. 

Though the movie tells the story of racial politics on a college campus, the trailer itself takes aim at Hollywood. In the second half of the trailer, the character Sam, played by Tessa Thompson, explains how Gremlins is actually about "suburban white fear of black culture." 

Out of Sundance,Variety's Justin Chang wrote that the movie "heralds a fresh and funny new voice on the scene in writer-director Justin Simien, bolstered by an an excellent cast." It hits theaters in October.

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