World Cup 2014: Historically High Scoring and No Draws

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After Switzerland stole eked out a last-second victory versus Ecuador earlier today, this year's strange streak of World Cup matches without a tie continued.

First things first, watch the WILD finish of this game, which was perilously close to ending in a draw before this happened:

For the whole cross-field, last-second mayhem, the last 30 seconds is here.

And so continued the streak:

For some perspective, in the last three World Cups, there were an average of 2.6 draws through the first nine games. With France well on its way to defeating Honduras, it's looking very likely that the number will reach ten.

(Update: It did, France defeated Honduras, 3-0.)

But almost as remarkably, the World Cup contests on the whole have also been more high-scoring affairs than before with 31 total goals scored through nine games.

Those numbers would be higher were it not for a striking EIGHT total disallowed goals, which is only fueling the excitement. And then, of course, there's tomorrow's game between the United States and Ghana, which should be long as it doesn't end in a tie.

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