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Clickhole, the new parody site from the brains behind The Onion is taking aim at the onslaught of viral news, specifically Buzzfeed. The site launched Thursday morning, and you'll never believe what happens next....

Maybe that's a hard sell — Clickhole won't enlighten you to any higher truth, or cure cancer, or reveal the powers behind The Secret — but the site is gutbustingly funny so it will at least make you laugh a whole bunch. "ClickHole prefers to think of you and every other person on earth as nothing more than an empty vessel existing purely to share content with other empty vessels," the site says in its introduction. That should indicate what you're in for. 

So in honor of our new clickbait overlords, here are our 10 favorite Clickhole stories so far, presented in a widely sharable list fashion:

1. Is Your Dad Proud Of You?

Oh topical! "How many home runs have you hit in your life?" Oh crap.

2. Quiz: If I Ordered Fries, Would You Have Any?

"You like jalapeño poppers? They’re on here too." If someone at your table orders fries, and you don't steal a few, are you human?

3. Meet The Most Powerful Man You’ve Never Heard Of

They're talking about Skeletor, right?

4. 7 Pricks Who Defied The Odds And Didn’t Go Into Finance

"Tom’s brave journey from prick high schooler to prick college student to prick tech entrepreneur (he founded the song aggregation site Musikal) is nothing short of incredible."

5. What This Adorable Little Girl Says Will Melt Your Heart

6. How Many Of These ‘Friends’ Episodes Have You Seen?

Hint: the answer is all of them.

7. 10 Hilarious Chairs That Think They’re People

8. Yep. He Went There.

9. It’s Time To Publicly Execute Ronald McDonald

10. I’m Not Saying I Hope My Child Is Transgender, But I Would Hit It Out Of The Park

Welcome to the party, Clickhole.

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