The Queen Eyes the Iron Throne

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Could Queen Elizabeth II win the game of thrones? Well, perhaps she's considering at least playing, after a trip to the HBO's set. Yes, The Queen surveyed the Iron Throne during a trip to Belfast Tuesday, wherein she also met with the cast. Look at her smile at the Stark girls.  

It seems the monarchy has a bit of Thrones fever. The official Twitter account noted that the "Band of the Scots Guards played the theme tune during Changing of the Guard today to mark The Queen's visit to the set." 

But her trip was not all fun and games (...of thrones). The Queen also visited the Crumlin Road Gaol, in Belfast, a prison infamous for its role in the Troubles. The First and Deputy First Ministers of Northern Ireland, who were both imprisoned there during that time,  toured the jail with the Queen, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

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