The Power Just Went Out in a Big Part of Rio de Janeiro

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According to the Twitter machine, power may have been restored. There are some conflicting reports:

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The power is reportedly out in Botafogo, a densely populated, touristy neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Also, the World Cup is happening in Brazil.

According to reports, the lights just dropped out this afternoon. 

The Associated Press had some more information.

Buildings throughout the well-to-do Botafogo district lost electricity, said Raphael Torres, a spokesman for the power company, Light SA. He said he didn't know how many people were affected or the cause of the failure."

Torres added that, you know, they're working on it.

mentioned the growing concern about the safety conditions at Maracana Stadium in Rio, which, as of last week, appeared to have at least one very troublesome-looking stairway that thousands of fans were using to get in and out of the stadium.  

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