See Norma from 'Orange Is the New Black' as a '70s Rocker and '80s Pop Star

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Orange Is the New Black fans know that the silent Norma, played by Annie Golden, has pipes thanks to her performance at the Christmas pageant that ended the first season. But did you know she sang an pop song off the Sixteen Candles soundtrack that had a wildly, very stereotypically '80s music video? Well, with a big hat tip to Maura Johnston, now you do. 

The video features everything you could hope for: big 80s hair, leggings, tulle, neon. But Golden's career is full of hidden gems. In the 1970s her status as the frontwoman for The Shirts led Milos Foreman to cast her in the movie version of Hair as Jeannie. Here she is performing with The Shirts: 

And in Hair

More recently Golden has appeared in Broadway productions, including the 1998 revival of On The Town, which also starred Lea Delaria—a.k.a. Orange Is the New Black's Big Boo. She's currently in the Tony-nominated production of Violet. You may have even noticed her in that show's performance on the Awards' telecast. 


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