New Weezer Album Definitely Not Named After Another Character from 'Lost'

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Twenty years after Weezer (aka The Blue Album) and four years after HurleyNerd/Stroller Dad rock band Weezer released a "trailer" for their upcoming album. Rest assured, the new album is not named after another Lost character.

It seems Weezer has been busy, when they're not playing shows and catching frisbees, that is. The new 30-second clip opens with some distorted footage, followed by a woman's voice saying "Go back to sleep honey, everything will be alright in the end" – the second part of which will apparently be the title of the new album (Pitchfork confirms). The trailer concludes with Weezer's trademark fuzzy guitars. 

Back in March, the band dropped another trailer (with features another preview song snippet) announcing that they were "in the studio" recording their follow up to Hurley. There's no release date yet, but if Rivers Cuomo, et al were in the studio earlier this year, it should be out late 2014 or early 2015. Unfortunately for Losties, it will not be named Sawyer. But Everything Will be Alright In The End still sounds like it could be from Lost, right?

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