New 'The Giver' Trailer Gives Fans a Break, Puts Black-and-White Front and Center

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Ever since book fans of The Giver reeled at the initial trailer, which did not feature any black and white, a vivid trope from the novel, The Weinstein Company has been trying to assuage fears that the movie wouldn't adhere to the book's distinctive use of color. First, posters for the film highlighted the transition from black and white to color, and now the new trailer, makes it very clear that the the Community is colorless and that our hero, Jonas, initially sees in black and white. The Weinstein Company learned their lesson with the first trailer: fan communities are important when it comes to adapting literary works—see: The Fault in Our Stars—especially ones that come with childhood attachments. 

Other points of interest from the trailer: Meryl Streep seems to be doing her Miranda Priestly voice; the jury's out on Brenton Thwaites, recently seen as the prince in Maleficent; and, yes, Taylor Swift is still in this movie. 

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