Mischa Barton Is Lonely

Today in celebrity gossip: The former star of The O.C. could use a friend, Jonah Hill is sorry for using the F-word, and a second video of Justin Bieber using the N-word has surfaced.

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Today in celebrity gossip: The former star of The O.C. could use a friend, Jonah Hill is sorry for using the F-word, and a second video of Justin Bieber using the N-word has surfaced.

Loneliness. We've all felt it. Sometimes we feel it when we're walking by ourselves along train tracks, or sometimes when we're eating burritos by ourselves at the mall. Sometimes we feel it every second of the waking day because we haven't had friends since The Incident, you know the one, it was basically unforgettable. But mostly we feel loneliness when we are theoretical celebrity Mischa Barton, the killed-off-in-Season-3 star of The O.C. (spoiler). In what has to be one of the most poignant and well-told tales in TMZ history, the saga of Mischa Barton's loneliness has taken on almost operatic proportions. According to their Pulitzer-worthy report, the actress was recently paid to be the "celeb guest host for Pool After Dark last Saturday night at Harrah's Resort" (a lot about that statement is probably confusing, but go with it) and arrived with exactly zero entourage members. That's right, no assistants, no "team," no date, no momagers, no friends. Just Mischa Barton all by herself at an Atlantic City casino. So did Mischa Barton have a good time at least? "We're told she stayed at the club until 3:00 AM, talked to no one, ordered a bottle of champagne and a bottle of tequila, and did shots ... by herself." In many ways this story is like a real life version of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic story The Little Prince, but instead of a little prince it's Mischa Barton and instead of a tiny planet it's the Harrah's Resort VIP area and instead of Baobab Trees it's tequila shots. "To forget a friend is sad. Not everyone has had a friend." May you find your way home safely, Mischa Barton. [TMZ]

While saying racist or homophobic slurs in public used to be a funtime activity the whole family could enjoy, these days it's frowned upon. That's what Jonah Hill found out this past weekend when a video leaked of Hill hurling the F-word (no not that one, the other one) at a particularly annoying paparazzo. Mere years ago celebrities who'd used this particular slur defended themselves by claiming that "f-----t" or "gay" in a pejorative sense wasn't homophobic, these were just all-purpose insults, so it's downright refreshing how immediate and sincere Jonah Hill's ensuing apology was. Appearing on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show yesterday, he was emphatic that "what I said in that moment, was disgusting and a hurtful term. I should have said either nothing or 'f—k you.'" Further, he offered no defense or excuse for using terms rooted in bigotry: "Those words — even if you don’t intend them, in how they mean — they are rooted in hate, and that’s bulls—t." Hill, of course, then listed his gay friendly bonafides, reminding Stern's listeners that he has plenty of gay friends and has been outspoken about gay rights, most recently evidenced by his criticisms of Russia's anti-gay laws. (He did not address how dick-centric and therefore subtextually gay-panic inducing much of his comedy is, but whatever. That's for the academics to worry about.) So what do we think? Should we continue to be mad at Jonah Hill or should we figure out our next target of internet outrage? Take our interactive poll below! [Page Six, TMZ]

Justin Bieber can't stop saying the N-word in very old home movies! Mere days after an embarrassing video of a teenage Justin Bieber leaked in which the then-mop-topped prince of dance and song told a confusing racist joke, British tabloid the Sun reports that a second video has surfaced in which Bieber changes the lyrics of one of his songs to include the N-word. Typical lyric switcheroo! But, you know, will Bieber even need to apologize for this one, or was his sincere, publicist-ghostwritten apology from a few days ago kind of an umbrella apology for all future instances of Bieber's racist slurs? Anyway, speaking of that first video, TMZ is now reporting that its leak was due to some kind of extortion plot. Apparently it leaked after some video editor swiped it off of Bieber's harddrive and attempted to extort Team Bieber for $1M then $800K then $500K only to be told to scram so he leaked the video anyway. Meanwhile Justin Bieber don't even care, he's currently on vacation in a rented Mexican villa with singer Rita Ora. Sometimes the good guys win. [Page Six, TMZ, TMZ]

A lot of people tend to forget that singer, songwriter, and raccoon-eyed lothario John Mayer once attempted a side career as a stand-up comic, but occasionally he'll remind the world of this fact by dropping a hot one-liner to paparazzi. Like recently a TMZ cameraman shouted at Mayer something about Katy Perry possibly writing songs about her failed showmance with Mayer and he responded that "I actually want everybody's song to go number 1." Get it, go number 1? Like as in, he wants his ex-girlfriends' songs to urinate urine. I don't actually know if he was attempting a pun here, but let's say he did. Anyway, that'll mean both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry will have written songs about John Mayer and he's cool with that, at least facetiously: "I purposely stopped writing hits to give other people a chance to have number one songs. I just stand to the side." In related news, your body is no longer a wonderland. It is maybe a traveling carnival at best. [Us Weekly]

Here is the star of The Fault in Our Stars, Ansel Elgort, giving a charming interview to Jimmy Fallon during which he stands up and tap-dances at one point. Just enjoy the tap-dancing and try not to think about how thoroughly f***ed your week will be after you watch The Fault in Our Stars, sorry that's not a spoiler it's a public service announcement. [Us Weekly]

Here's a very good photo that Amanda Seyfried 'grammed to commemorate her boyfriend Justin Long's birthday:

Meanwhile two known members of the Illuminati took a photo together at some party:

If either dental tools or Alex Pettyfer winking are triggers for you, maybe don't watch this Instagram video he took during a dentist appointment:

In similar celebrity doctor appointment news, Lena Headey would like to encourage "all lovely ladies" to get a #papsmear:

And finally, here's Kellan Lutz doing whatever, doesn't matter:

Always and forever, K.

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