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Who does the American news media choose to explain the current crisis in Iraq? In Jon Stewart's opinion, the same people who got it so horribly wrong the first time. 

"If you remember in the original rush to war – I mean diligently-planned, internationally-sanctioned freedom rave – there were some individuals who were wrong about the whole fucking thing, just wrong, just dead wrong, about everything, all of them," Stewart said on last night's episode of The Daily Show

He continued: "Those idiots were ostracized, never heard from again, because of how – I'm kidding. Because I think we all know four wrongs make a right. And in this current crisis, the news media has rushed to get the band back together again, and they all have the same advice."

These individuals – like Sen. Lindsey Graham (then representative), Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, and Paul Bremer – are being brought on mainstream news shows to discuss how they think the U.S. should handle the most recent situation in Iraq, regardless of their track record. "But like any terrible band, they're nothing without their lead singer: ol' Johnny Rotten Judgment," Stewart quipped. John McCain. 

"His advocacy of the Iraq war was legend, his sophisticated knowledge of the region unparalleled, in that it did not parallel with anybody who had knowledge of the region," Stewart said. "And since John McCain was one of the wrongest before and during the war, it's only fitting that during this current crisis he was on so many shows, you'd think he just won Dancing with the Stars."

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