Jon Stewart Wonders Who's Poorer: Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?

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As Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden gear up their 2016 presidential pre-campaigns, Jon Stewart knows the one way to settle the score: a good ol' fashioned poor-off. 

A brief recap: Hillary Clinton believes she's not like the "truly well off" people in the U..S. (right), and Joe Biden said he doesn't own any stocks or even have a savings account, which isn't exactly true. On last night's episode of The Daily Show, Stewart put them toe-to-toe. 

"Clearly there's only one way to settle which Democratic candidate can appeal best to traditional, blue-collar Reagan Democrat voters," Stewart said. A poor-off! "I reckon it's time to find out which of these two is just more plain folk."

First, there's Clinton's claim that she and Bill left the White House "not only dead broke, but in debt." So she said, Stewart mocked, while drying her tears with a $100 bill. "Well played Mrs. Clinton, but if I know Joe Biden, you just brought a $100 bill to a loose change fight."

Biden's turn: "He's Vice President of the United States of America ... he's the poorest man in Congress," the veep said of himself. 

"How poor is Biden?" Stewart asked. "He can't even afford a first person pronoun."

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Clinton's retort: "We struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses."

"Yea, when you're appealing to the middle class, you may want to use the singular when referring to the most valuable asset most people will ever come in contact with," Stewart quipped. 

Then Stewart-as-Biden decided to take it up a notch: "Don't hold it against me, but my clothes are made of old curtains. Don't hold it against me, but I shit in a bucket outside."

Enough, Stewart said. "Both of you guys have had your faces on book covers, books written by them about them. That usually means you're doing pretty good."

Wait, Biden made less than $201 in royalties off his book? Never mind.

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