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Did you know that Hillary Clinton has a new book out? Did you know she's been all over the media promoting it? Well, if you didn't, Jon Stewart is here to catch you up. 

The Hard Choices media extravaganza came to a head on Tuesday, when Clinton gave not one but two high-profile television interviews, to Fox News and CNN. And, as Stewart pointed out on last night's episode of The Daily Show, both networks promoted their interviews as "exclusives."

"Wow, imagine that. Two news networks expressly promoting exclusives with Hillary Clinton on the same day. It's like words have no meaning anymore," Stewart quipped. "But good get! They should be proud of themselves to score an exclusive interview form the Salinger-like recluse Hillary Clinton, a woman whose secretive nationwide book tour had restricted her access to NBC, CBS, ABC twice, and the Arlington, Virginia Costco."

CNN and Fox both seemed pretty psyched for their interviews. So psyched, in fact, that CNN ran a pre-interview segment showing exactly where Clinton would sit. 

Comedy Central

"Honey, get in here!," Stewart said. "They're introducing the chairs. Honey, you're gonna miss it!" 

So what was covered in the interview? "Well I'm sure the interview lived up to the hype and was not in any way a one-hour infomercial for whatever it is her book is called," Stewart said. 

Stewart, after airing clips from the CNN interview in which "Hard Choices" is uttered seven times: "All I can say is it's a good thing she didn't name her book, Ultimate Fuckstorm."

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