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On last night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a look at the recent news in the fight over marriage equality, including two pro-same-sex marriage developments and a third from Texas that bucks the trend. 

First, from North Dakota, which was the last remaining state to have an unchallenged ban on same-sex marriage. Until a few weeks ago, that is: "Equality descending on North Dakota, dontcha know. It's like a big, gay polar vortex, ya," Stewart said, doing his best Fargo impression. 

And then in Alabama earlier this week, a court struck down the state's anti-sodomy law: "It's what happens when homophobes find out that sodomy even includes blowjobs they might get ... 'I guess I am a libertarian,'" Stewart said.  

"You know what they say, though: civil rights victories always come in threes," Stewart said. "Will it be Brigham Young celebrates first gay quarterback, Cardinal Dolan marches in New York Pride parade, Mississippi marries Louisiana – what's it going to be?"

The third story, however, diverges from the pro-gay rights movement. Earlier this month, the Texas GOP seemed on the way to embracing conversion therapy on its party platform. "Texas, what?" Stewart said. "While the rest of the country inches forward on gay rights, Texas apparently hopping into Doc Brown's DeLorean and setting the dial to the 1950s."

While some proponents of conversion therapy describe it as trying "to bring out the heterosexuality" in individuals, Stewart disagrees: "[That's] like giving a woman a C-section who's not pregnant. You won't find what you're looking for, but you will leave a scar."

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