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With Washington still reeling from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's primary upset Tuesday, Jon Stewart spent last night's episode of The Daily Show breaking down exactly how David Brat pulled off the victory. 

How exactly, Stewart asked, did Brat defeat "the pro-life, Obamacare-repealing, president-obstructing, debt ceiling default-risking, tax loophole-embracing, government shutdown-ing Eric Cantor?"

Well, it turns out that Brat, fueled by the Tea Party, managed to paint Cantor as too liberal, abandoning true conservative values. 

"What?" Stewart said in disbelief. "I imagine you could've said Eric Cantor was too liberal pre-Enlightenment. Certainly during the middle ages, Cantor's views on accepting gravity would be considered dangerous. How is this cat too liberal?"

Some believe the key issue was immigration it seems, where Cantor showed lukewarm support for reform. 

"Communist," Stewart quipped. "Get back in your hybrid car that runs on NPR tote bag compost and old Lilith Fair posters ... and whatever the byproducts of steak are."

Yes, maybe it was Cantor's excessive eating at steakhouses that did him in.

Stewart: "How did you spend $168,000 on steak? I mean, how many sides can you order ... Let me ask you a question there, Cantor: The tower of seafood that you ordered at the steakhouse, was Rapunzel living at the top of it?" 

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