J.Lo's Perfect Romance with Backup Dancer in Jeopardy Over Sexting

Today in celebrity gossip: Jennifer Lopez may dump her boyfriend for texting with a transgender bikini model, Olivia Munn is probably drunk right now, and Iggy Azalea has had it with haters.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Jennifer Lopez may dump her boyfriend for texting with a transgender bikini model, Olivia Munn is probably drunk right now, and Iggy Azalea has had it with haters.

Although nobody can seem to agree on whether love actually exists, sometimes you just look at a celebrity couple and think, 'Man, THAT is love.' Few can deny that J.Lo's several-years-long relationship with former backup dancer Casper Smart is one of Hollywood's greatest romances, their 17-year age difference providing an endless supply of what's known around my house as pasión caliente. Unfortunately even this most celebrated of romances may be coming to an end, and for a reason most of us can relate to: He's been sexting with a transgender bikini model. Again. According to Page Six (with hat tip to acclaimed photojournalism publication TheDirty.com), Smart was first caught cheating on J.Lo with "transgender bikini model Sofie Vissa," who had threatened to sell evidence of these sex crimes against the heart to tabloids, complete with explicit photos Smart had kindly sent her. Now a second similarly transgendered woman named Xristina Marie has stepped forward alleging "inappropriate relations" with Smart. Fortunately Page Six's sources are not feeling particularly taciturn on the subject. Relaying J.Lo's frustration about how these allegations are overshadowing her upcoming charity concert, a source laments that "She’s coming back to The Bronx and the only thing anyone can talk about is her toyboy and the transsexuals." Further foreshadowing an imminent breakup, a second source says that "Jennifer is getting tired of all these allegations. She doesn’t need this drama and is ready to move on." Although it's hard to imagine Jennifer Lopez finding a partner more perfect than Casper Smart, one wishes her luck in that endeavor. The plain truth is that she deserves a man who will not sext transgender bikini models without her permission. We all deserve that, in a way. Godspeed, Jennifer Lopez. [Page Six]

Olivia Munn is most likely drunk right now. Let's just be clear on that, she is probably bobbing and weaving around a room asking people for cigarettes and calling strangers 'really f**kin beautiful.' But make no mistake, she has had a lot to drink and she is NOT ashamed about that. Allowing herself to be photographed in front of a wall of champagne bottles, Munn recently told an embedded Page Six journalist that "I love day drinking. . . I think it should be part of everyone’s life if you’re not driving. Especially in New York. You don’t drive anywhere." Fortunately Olivia Munn must've heard herself sounding like a common alcoholic boxcar hobo and quickly added in between hiccups, "It’s why I live in L.A." Okay, Olivia Munn. *wiiink*  [Page Six]

Yesterday we discussed the Maserati that you most likely stole from Miley Cyrus' garage while she was out of the country on tour. Well, despite your best efforts the police have recovered it! The $135,000 white sports car that you apparently couldn't unload on a private collector was recovered somewhere in Simi Valley. According to an official LAPD statement, "No suspects are in custody at this time. The investigation is ongoing." So you're in luck... For now. [Us Weekly]

Iggy Azalea, 2014's answer to vanished yammerer Kesha, has finally, finally broken her silence on the subject of haters. In short: The haters have now been TOLD. See, ever since the Australian 'rapper' knocked Nicki Minaj out of the top singles spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with her song "Fancy," Minaj's fans have been bombarding Azalea with torrents of haterade. Just splashing haterade all over the place and in her face like crazy. So Azalea had no choice but to finally take to Twitter and vent some of those frustrations, and her defensive rant ranged from reasonable to very unchill. I mean, first of all, here's how she began:

Dang, Iggy Azalea. Anyway, after that very harsh accusation her tweets went on to excoriate fans of any stripe for turning their love of one artist into hatred for another, which is actually a very good and important statement to make. It's not yet clear if Iggy Azalea has silenced the haters forever or merely temporarily, but we'll provide updates as they occur. [Us Weekly]

BuzzFeed has posited perhaps one of the most important questions of our times: Is David Beckham’s Son Brooklyn Dating Chloë Grace Moretz? Putting aside the fact that we as a society should not be acknowledging the "Grace" part of Chloë Moretz's name, BuzzFeed does raise an interesting question: IS David Beckham's son Brooklyn Beckham dating Chloë Moretz? But rather than actually answering this question for us, the interactive-'90s-quiz aggregator instead gives us mere clues and then asks us to be our own Sherlocks. The nerve! Anywhere, here is the case in favor of the 15-year-old British royalty possibly dating the 17-year-old actress: The two went skateboarding together in Santa Monica. Also, they both talked on their respective phones in each others' company, sometimes while skateboarding. Thus concludes the evidence in support of Brooklyn Beckham dating Chloë Moretz. What do YOU think?

Caution: This next video clip may haunt your nightmares for weeks. Press play below to watch a jangly, mystical crone named Steven Tyler affect his best Elmer Fudd/baby voice (?) as he sneaks up to the hotel room door of a sleeping Miley Cyrus and attempts to force a handwritten note into its keyhole. WHY? Nobody knows.

Uh, could somebody make sure Miley Cyrus is okay? Very concerned about her safety right now. [BuzzFeed]

Without spoiling last weekend's traumatizing episode of Game of Thrones, here's a particularly poignant photo from the Instagram account of future A-lister Pedro Pascal:

I'm still not okay in general, but this photo certainly helps.

Here's the latest in Mariah Carey's series of Instagrams entitled "Mariah Carey Cannot Seem Normal in Public":

Would it shock you to learn that Taylor Swift's phone case is covered in kitten stickers?

Finally, here's Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey on a skateboard.


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