Hey Twitter, William Shatner Wants to Be Unverified

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Captain James Tiberius Kirk, William Shatner IRL, would like to (not-so) humbly request that he be unverified on Twitter because too many "nobodies" sport the hallowed blue checkmark these days for his taste.

As Buzzfeed so meticulously logged, Shatner went on a verification tirade late Saturday night after John Colucci tweeted celebrating Engadget's (for which he manages social media) Twitter account passing the 1 million followers mark, and another poor, unsuspecting Twitter user decided to tag Shatner in a playful reply. Thus followed Shatner's wrath:

His argument, it seems, that verification should be reserved for only the worthiest individuals, like those whom TMZ would be interested in, or household names. You know, like Shatner.

Because the check is being bestowed upon so many unworthies lately ("seemingly unimportant jobs" is the phasers-set-to-stun variety of shade), he thinks the system is broke beyond repair. His solution? Unverification.

So, Twitter, if you would be so kind as to make Shatner's dreams come true, I will sacrifice my own Internet integrity and take up his checkmark for myself. That's how this works, right?

No word yet on whether Shatner's Enterprise crew will be joining him in verification martyrdom.  

Correction: This article originally stated Colucci tagged Shatner in a tweet celebrating verification. 

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