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Two studios announced today they would be putting some of their old big hits back into theaters as the summer comes to a close: Sony will re-release Ghostbusters and Paramount is giving you Forrest Gump in IMAX.

Ghostbusters, which arguably has more lingering goodwill aimed its way than Forrest Gump, will hit theaters for a limited engagement starting August 29. Gump will be on the big (big!) screen starting September 5. The re-releases will hit after the films celebrate their 30th and 20th anniversaries, respectively. 

So cue up your "who you gonna call" and your "run, Forrest, run" references, because theaters will be full of nostalgia as we close out summer movie season. Meanwhile, rumors continue to swell around the long-in-the-works Ghostbusters III, with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer now being named in connection. The proposed Forrest Gump sequel appears, thankfully, to have stalled

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