Donald Sterling Finally Gives In: The Clippers Are Being Sold

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It looks like the long, tortured relationship between the National Basketball Association and L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling officially came to an end on Wednesday as the league and Sterling agreed to settle all of their outstanding disputes and sell the team to Steve Ballmer. 

As per a new deal announced by Sterling's lawyer, Max Blecher, the two sides have agreed to consciously uncouple, as the kids say. Blecher told NBC LA that "all disputes and outstanding issues have been resolved," in an exclusive statement. The NBA, Sterling, and his wife Shelley have all agreed to sell off the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft owner, for $2 billion. Most importantly, Sterling has also agreed to drop his $1 billion lawsuit against the league for damages relating to his lifetime ban from the NBA. No more legal challenges from Donald or the League. The ban still stands.

On Tuesday night, Sterling seemed ready to take the money and turn his back on basketball forever. "I feel fabulous, I feel very good. Everything is just the way it should be, really. It may have worked out differently, but it's good. It's all good," Sterling told NBC when approached at a charity event.

The Clippers sale still needs final approval from the NBA's Board of Governors, but that appears to be merely a formality as the league is ready to approve Ballmer as the new owner.

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