Beyoncé and Jay Z Flashed Justin Bieber's Arrest Mugshot During Concert

Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber's infamous mugshot is on its way toward becoming iconic, the Kardashians are searching for a new haunt, and Alec Baldwin's daughter is definitely dating a female rapper.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber's infamous mugshot is on its way toward becoming iconic, the Kardashians are searching for a new haunt, and Alec Baldwin's daughter is definitely dating a female rapper.

The main thing to know about getting arrested is that you may never escape that incident for the rest of your life. For example, even after you've been mostly exonerated and have returned to a life of normalcy and weight lifting and penthouse hot-boxing, Beyoncé and Jay Z just might flash your mugshot to thousands of people during a concert. Sorry, Justin Bieber, but this skeleton is determined to remain firmly in your closet for the foreseeable future. So why did the self-styled Bonnie & Clyde imitators fame-shame Justin Bieber so? Well, to be fair, it was part of a larger montage of celebrity mug shots, including Tupac's and Bill Gates' and even Jay Z's. It had something to do with how even 'the greats' have bad days or whatever, doesn't matter. But a fan snapped a photo of Bieber's mug shot on the jumbotron and tweeted it at the singer, and despite the rest of the Beliebers' collective outrage toward Beyoncé and Jay Z, Bieber's retweet probably indicates he was more flattered than anything. Which, fine! He should be. He wasn't convicted of anything during that infamous Miami DUI incident and he does admittedly look pretty cute in that photo. Is Justin Bieber still kind of the worst, though? That is not for me to decide. But the fact is, his photo is quickly becoming iconic and there's nothing any of us can do about it. [Us Weekly]

When you read the headline "Kardashians on hunt for space to house 'full Kardashian experience,'" what immediately comes to mind? To me, I immediately think Kardashian-themed haunted house. Can you imagine? A fully immersive Kardashian experience would be nothing less than a macabre tour through the darkest reaches of shallowest celebrity. Or maybe a walk through this proposed haunted house would be more akin to Sleep No More, New York's celebrated choose-your-own-experience MacBeth/Rebecca mashup, where the only people not wearing masks are the Kardashians themselves. Silent audience members could observe Kris Jenner roaming the indoor garden with a fixed expression of horror or could creep upstairs where Khloe murmurs to herself about regret while crying in the bathtub. When it comes to a paying-public, 'full Kardashian experience,' the possibilities are as endless as they are chilling. But anyway, it probably won't be a haunted house. Instead it'll just be another home for one or more of the Kardashian sisters as they tape another reality series in Manhattan. Boring. [Page Six]

Do you know who Angel Haze is? She's a rapper. Do you know who Ireland Baldwin is? She is a model and more importantly she's the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, and the object of Alec Baldwin's infamous hateful voicemail all those years ago. So here's the thing: Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin have been rumored to be "more than friends" for a while now (mostly owing to photos they'd been posting to Instagram in which they are making out, and things like that), and Angel Haze has now officially ruined the mystery by putting their relationship in as explicit terms as possible. As she very forthrightly described it to The Independent: "An interracial gay couple, I mean that’s just weird right now. We f—ck and friends don’t f—k. I’ve never f—ked one of my friends. Once I see you in that way, it doesn’t happen." So there you have it. Romance is afoot! Meanwhile, here's the pair hanging out at the Glastonbury music festival recently:

Have a great summer fling, ladies. [Page Six]

Um, this is amazing: Singer Erykah Badu was recently spotted hassling a NYC local news reporter during a live broadcast!

Apparently while reporter Mario Diaz attempting to deliver a hard-hitting news report about Shia LaBeouf, the living legend appeared behind him in a huge white hat, stared into the camera, made a lewd gesture, and then attempted to kiss him on the lips. It is absolutely perfect. Afterward, Badu denied it was her on Twitter only to finally admit it with a cute tweet directed at Diaz:

Pitchfork has an actual video clip, and I don't meant to tell you how to live, but it just may make your day. [Pitchfork]

Bad news, the worst news, even. Meshach Taylor of Designing Women but more importantly Mannequin has passed away at age 67 after a long battle with cancer. Yes, Hollywood Montrose himself has dressed his last department store window. Anthony Bouvier has delivered his final bon mot to Julia Sugarbaker. The Grim Reaper continues to be garbage. Anyway, according to Us Weekly, "Taylor was surrounded by his wife Bianca Ferguson, his four children, and mother when he died," shortly after his family announced on Facebook "our darling, amazingly brilliant and dynamic, Meshach, the incredible father, husband, son and friend has begun his grand transition."

Goodbye, Meshach Taylor. [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, Katy Perry went to Dollywood!

Beyoncé and Jay Z are clearly having a pretty good time on their new tour:

Miley Cyrus has a new dog. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Emu:

Here's Lindsay Lohan taking a selfie at the gym:

(Ever notice how whenever someone constantly brings up going to the gym or takes too many selfies at the gym, they're oftentimes not in very good shape? Like, stop bragging about working out and actually work out.)

Like Steven R. McQueen, for example!

Selena Gomez visited one of those zoos from a Twilight Zone episode where regular humans are kept in glass enclosures for the amusement of aliens or whatever.

Mariah Carey Instagrammed this image of her iPod playing a remix of one of her own songs, and a highly amusing debate broke out in the comments among her fans:

"U rich as why do you still have the oldest iPod !!!" But don't worry, another fan defended Carey's outdated Apple device: "Oldest Ipod hold 160 gigs of music. The new Ipods only hold 64 gigs. That is probably why she has the classic." Yes, exactly. TOLD.

Last and by far the most, here's Alex Pettyfer hanging out in front of some boring nature, who cares, nobody is looking at the nature, look at Alex Pettyfer:

Thank you.

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