Another Brazilian Worker Dies in Last-Minute World Cup Construction Accident

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Just three days before the World Cup is set to begin, one worker was killed and two others were injured while working on Sao Paulo's ill-fated monorail. That brings the death toll in World Cup-related construction accidents to at least eight.

The Sao Paulo monorail seems a particularly senseless site for an accident. The project was initially set to open in time for the World Cup in order to ease airport congestion in the country's largest city, but its opening has been delayed until next year after running into logistical issues. On top of that, a transit strike in the city will enter its sixth day tomorrow with no resolution in sight. 24,000 fans are expected to use public transportation for the opening match between Brazil and Croatia... on Thursday.

Here was the scene from earlier today:

Add all this to a passenger terminal at Fortaleza airport, which will not be finished in time for the tournament, and a stadium at Curitiba, which may or may not be ready by the time it's slated to host a match in just one week, and you've got a sense of how things are going in the run-up to the World Cup.

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