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Rapper and all-around Renaissance man 50 Cent is coming through TV screens in full force with his new show Power, which begins on Starz tomorrow. Sadly, his lovely parody "MaleFiftyCent" will not be coming to screens.

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson went on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live and brought out an enjoyable little riff on Disney's Maleficent, in which Fitty was transformed appropriately into Malefiftycent.

"This shit just got magical," he says between evil laughs, as the tag-line "Get Witch or Die Tryin'" comes onto the screen. Good puns all around, team.

That short joke of a movie trailer comes as Power, a show 50 Cent executive produces and acts in, begins on Starz on Saturday. The new series focuses on a drug dealing kingpin played by Omari Hardwick who has dreams of owning his own posh night club, and the crime, money, police, and sex that encircles his life. Jackson, meanwhile, plays a bit role as a former thug spending time in federal prison. The plot material is obviously partly inspired by Jackson's pre-fame personal life, in which he dealt crack and was famously shot nine times.

The show is getting lukewarm reviews thus far. The New York Times writes that it "isn't great, but it's good enough." Variety mostly agrees, saying it "has occasional moments," but that "the show mostly feels like it’s sampling riffs from movies and TV of yore."

You can watch the series premiere of Power online now on this summer Friday. Malefiftycent, meanwhile, is fully available in your imagination.

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