Zac Efron Hits Bottom by Accepting Life Advice from Tom Cruise

Today in celebrity gossip: Zac Efron's personal life takes a troubling turn, the Kardashians aren't welcome in the Hamptons, and Selena Gomez manages to cordially greet ex-bestie Kendall Jenner.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Zac Efron's personal life takes a troubling turn, the Kardashians aren't welcome in the Hamptons, and Selena Gomez manages to cordially greet ex-bestie Kendall Jenner.

Prize-winning surf cat and effortful hunk Zac Efron is currently engaged in a full-on publicity blitz that began with the overshare-heavy press rounds for That Awkward Moment and has carried through to his recent promotions for the Seth Rogen vehicle Neighbors. But along with all his publicity highs (blouse-doffing at the MTV Movie Awards) have come lows (skid row fist fights), and they've been enough to leave us vaguely alarmed about how Zac Efron's doing. You know, like how he's really doing. Ever since his Summerland and High School Musical days, Efron had mostly enjoyed a positive, spot-free existence as a wholesome hunk both teen girls and their moms could agree upon. But maybe it's not really like that? All those Hollywood cliches about actors' secret demons exist for a reason. Despite flashing A.A. milestone chips all over town, Efron's mysteriously dangerous life (including that insufficiently explained broken jaw) just screams secret substance abuse problems, but that's probably none of our business. Anyway, I'm here to tell you that the reddest of all red flags has finally flown: Zac Efron is now accepting career and life advice from Tom Cruise. In an interview with, Efron mentioned the following about these counseling sessions with the noted Scientology proselytizer:

I won’t talk specifically about those conversations but I think they were pretty candid and common sense driven.

Now more than ever I'm very worried about Zac Efron, guys. WHAT did Tom Cruise tell him? Who called whom originally? How long did they speak? Of what did they speak? Is Zac Efron hooked up to an E-meter RIGHT NOW? Pray 4 Zac Efron. [Page Six]

Rich people have HAD IT with the Kardashians. Despite being technically rich themselves, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have run up against the limits of how much low culture the old-money aristocracy is willing to put up with. According to Page Six, the Kardashians are all set to film the reality series Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons this summer and have been looking to rent a beachfront mansion along with a village storefront for their boutique, and the locals are NOT happy. According to a source, "They don’t want the hassle of the entourage, the cameras, the paparazzi and all the fanfare that comes with this attention-seeking family." Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley also admits that "I think there is some concern." Honestly, this fun-lovin'-outsiders versus the rich townsfolk dynamic sounds like the plot to a very watchable '80s comedy. Never thought I'd say this, but go take those rich snobs down, Kardashians! [Page Six]

We will never stop talking about this non-story, it appears. So, rumor has it that Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner (ugh, another Kardashian, sorry) were besties who became ex-besties after Jenner hooked up with Gomez's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. This was what hastened Gomez to unfollow everybody on Instagram and also delete all photographic evidence that she'd ever been friends with Jenner. So the NEW development here is that apparently both ladies attended the same private dinner function and were, get this, cordial to one another. "Selena and Kendall were friendly. They said hi to each other but sat on opposite sides of the table." There you have it, only the finest and most salacious celebrity gossip here! Two grown women were able to socialize without being dramatic. Insanity! [Us Weekly]

For a brief moment yesterday, Deadline reported that fired Scandal star Columbus Short had been replaced on the series by actor Eric West. This was news to Scandal creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes:

Well, as it turned out Deadline had been hoaxed! (Uh, cool hoax, whoever was behind it.) They retracted the story and explained what had happened, but the damage was done. Shonda Rhimes was MAD.

Honestly, even out of context, the above Tweet works well in almost any situation. Because yeah, Deadline really does need to handle itself. Good call, Shonda. [TMZ]

Haha, oh Radar. So apparently Jennifer Aniston has been telling people that she wants to work with director Judd Apatow again, but only with the caveat that she not have to share scenes with Apatow's wife and frequent leading lady Leslie Mann! According to Radar's source, the problem lies with Mann, whom they describe as the "wife from hell" and who is "infamous among Hollywood circles for not getting along with [Apatow's] leading ladies." Uh, maybe Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Mann need to take a cue from Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner on how to behave like grown-ups? Get it together, ladies. [Radar]

Here is just a normal picture of Lady Gaga and her hunky boyfriend Taylor Kinney taking a bathroom selfie with a French bulldog and a huge bottle of Listerine, why do you ask?

Here's Miley Cyrus hanging out with living legend Kate Moss amid a throng of hangers-on, as Miley Cyrus and Kate Moss are wont to do:

It's not clear what exactly Mariah Carey is doing holding a lit match up to her microphone in this picture, but I think it's safe to say it involves witchcraft?

Be careful, everybody. The Elusive Chanteuse is up to mischief!

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