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Left Behind is a film adaptation of a series of books about the aftermath of the rapture, starring, among others, the ever-excitable Nicolas Cage. So why is Cage the least crazy thing about the film's new trailer?

Nic Cage. The biblical rapture. This is a near-perfect combination of bat-shit insanity. So naturally, we were excited when the first official Left Behind trailer dropped Friday morning.


Only Nic Cage isn't freaking out. He's calm, collected, and not the least bit threatening. He barely raises his voice. There's no raving terror in his eyes. In fact, he might be the most composed person in the entire trailer. 

Improbably, these are the things that are crazier than Nic Cage in those 67 seconds.

Cassi Thomson's eyes:

Stoney Lake Entertainment

A cast list featuring Chad Michael Murray, Jordin Sparks, and Lea Thompson:

Not one, but two plane crashes (maybe):

The fact that, apparently, people get raptured without their clothes. Heaven is super naked, it would seem.

People just got dematerialized into the afterlife, why isn't Nic Cage losing his goddamn mind? In an earlier released clip, Cage is once again talking quietly like a reasonable adult:

When we heard Nic Cage was going to be in a movie about the honest-to-god rapture, this was not what we expected. We can only hope the rest of the movie rectifies these inequities. 

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