What to Expect from 'The Good Wife' Season Finale

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What does The Good Wife have in store for us this Sunday? Based on the trailer for "A Weird Year," Lockhart Gardner Canning is going to try to destroy Florrick Agos, and Peter's mom and Alicia's mom are going to get drunk on red wine and make really good grandma lasagna. That's not a promising season finale.

There are critical plot lines that need to be tied up. Does Peter still think Finn is sleeping with his wife? Did Peter sleep with Lauren "Not Too Red" Intern? Will Diane get overthrown? We're assuming we'll get these answers eventually, but in the meantime, here are out best guesses on the season's loose ends.

Diane vs. Louis Canning and David Lee

Last Week: Louis Canning told Rayna "The Rainmaker" Hecht (Jill Hennessy) that Diane hasn't been cutting it at work, which scared her off the firm. Canning: 1, Diane: 0. 

Sunday and beyond?: Diane realizes that Canning wants to destroy Florrick Agos and her, so she teams up with her former employees to oust him from the firm. After being offered a good deal (either a raise, a name partnership, or a bonus) David Lee agrees to join in, helping Diane get enough votes. 

Alicia and Peter

Last week: Peter thinks Alicia and Finn are a thing, so he starts hitting on his unpaid intern, who may or may not be able to sue him for sexual harassment later (are interns employees in Illinois?) She asks him late at night if he needs anything else.

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Sunday and beyond?: They're not going to tell us if he needed anything else. Sometime halfway through season six, just when we've forgotten about "Not Too Red," she's going to show up on The Good Wife's version of TMZ, or it's going to become a Fatal Attraction type thing. 

Peter will feel guilty about this later, especially once he realizes that Finn is just the really good friend Alicia has needed for a while. He'll endorse Finn, who'll win the state's attorney job (without cheating). 

Will Alicia move on?

Last week: Alicia hasn't been on her A game in recent weeks, especially when it comes to telling black people apart. That, along with her spiraling, is at least partially a side effect of grief. Like she said, she's not sleeping with Finn. 

Sunday and beyond: Alicia will be too busy trying not to be destroyed by Canning to think about her love life. Sometime in season 6, after Finn wins the state's attorney's election and Peter is 100 percent sure there's nothing between them, she and Finn will have a thing. It will be weird and end quickly, but eventually they'll move past it and stay friends. 

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