Watch the Throne: Everyone's Got Scores to Settle

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From the promos, it looks like King Tommen is getting crowned in this Sunday's Game of Thrones, but who's really going to be in charge? From eastward invaders to trouble up north, here's our rundown of what to look out for in episode five of the fourth season.

1. Daenerys Targaryen

She's invaded Meereen without losing a soldier, inciting an uprising from its slaves and draping a pretty black dragon banner on its giant pyramid. Now she has a devoted army (the Unsullied + Daario's folks), a nice little empire, and some growing dragons. Will Daenerys mount an invasion of Westeros, or will she become Thrones' Poochie, forever delaying that trip to the fireworks factory?

2. Cersei Lannister

Margaery has already begun her campaign to win over Tommen and become his Queen, but Cersei is going to prove a major obstacle to that goal. To use an Arrested Development analogy, imagine Joffrey as GOB and Tommen as Buster (Cersei is, of course, Lucille). She didn't know what to do with the first son, but she knows she's going to smother this one to death with over-protectiveness. Try breaking down that brick wall, Marge.

3. Lysa Arryn

Oh yeah, remember this lovely lady? Catelyn's slightly bonkers sister who rules in the mountainous Vale from the vaulted castle of The Eyrie? She was married to Jon Arryn, former Hand of the King whose death started the show off, and now has a creepily close relationship with their only son Robin, who is seven but has yet to be weaned. As Littlefinger told Sansa last week, he's off to The Vale to marry Lysa and claim her lands. This week, we'll see how easy that plan actually is.

4. Jon Snow

Bran Stark is stuck up north with the Night's Watch mutineers, being tortured and prepped for hostage and lord knows what else. Jon Snow is headed beyond the Wall to smash their faces and (though he doesn't know it) rescue his brother. Not since King Joffrey a whole three episodes ago has this show had a villain who really just deserves to be mercilessly put to death as Karl "Skull-Drinker" Tanner. Let's get it done, fellas (but watch out for that Locke guy who's hanging out in the background!)

5. Hodor

Hodor. HODOR. HODOR!!!!!!!

(In all seriousness, it was really tough watching Hodor put through such misery last week. Hopefully he can knock some heads together on Sunday).

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