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The internet blew up this afternoon over one weird ranting climate change tweet by one weird game show host. Here was the offending(?) statement:

And while it prompted some clever responses...

...turns out, this is Pat Sajak's whole shtick. As the episode went viral, Sajak added this explanation to the mix.

O rly, Pat? Well, while it's difficult to tell whether Sajak's efforts to seem edgy on Twitter are sincere or not, we do know that this isn't new. 


But like the climate, Sajak has been heating up. Lately, he seems to have really gotten into blasting short missives about climate change and general tidbits of annoyance at liberal things to his roughly 50,000 followers. Here's a recent sampler:

Prods at climate change:

 General smarm directed at liberal sacred cows:

Critiques of the liberal media or whatever: 

Palin-esque foreign policy jabs:

Jokes about healthcare and the IRS scandal:

And one paranoid 4/20 tweet:

In addition to this slight libertarian bent, Republicans and Congress in general seem spared from Sajak's Twitter ire.  Maybe he assumes this is his audience. But also, who cares? 

Ultimately, this is a totally unremarkable revealing of a public figure's private side. But, I suppose, if we're collectively going to isolate and react to one Sajak tweet, we might as well glance at his whole dumb digital oeuvre and realize that it, like much of Twitter, isn't terribly interesting. 

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