The 'This Is Where I Leave You' Trailer: Ranking that Starry Cast

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The trailer for This Is Where I Leave You finally hit Youtube on Wednesday morning, and with a packed cast, the fight for meaningful screen time inside two minutes would obviously be brutal. Somehow the trailer would have to sum up the plot, introduce the main characters, and convince us that it's worth seeing. Which, frankly, is a pretty tall order. Thankfully, This Is Where I Leave You succeeds and seems like a charming little dark comedy worthy of your time come its September 12 release date. Here's who came out on top. 

1. Tina Fey

Fey punches Dax Sheppard, nurples Adam Driver, and says "I'm Wendy Foxman, bitch." To paraphrase what another great tough customer said, if we didn't know, now we now. She also seems to play the sensible older sibling helping the rest of the family sort through their emotional baggage, which hopefully gives her a chance to prove her chops as a serious actor.  

2. Jane Fonda

Fonda is refreshingly honest with her kids after their father's death, admitting what precisely attracted her to their father. Though, despite it all, she's also tuned up and ready for whatever the world may throw her way. It's important to be open and honest with your family. Also, because Fonda is so much better than the romantic comedy matriarch roles she has ben reduced to in recent years. 

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3. Rose Byrne

Call it a Neighbors hangover, but we liked what little we saw of Byrne here enough to rank her in the top three. Let's pray she isn't reduced to playing the Manic Pixie Dream Middle-Aged Spinster to Jason Bateman's Mopey Divorced Zach Braff. 

4. Adam Driver

Apparently playing another well-meaning young scamp, this could be a charming role for Driver that exposes him to a wider audience than the microcosmic numbers who watch Girls every week. His work there has earned him praise from critics, sure, but his uncharacteristic supporting role in the Oscar-winning Lincoln probably drew more eyeballs. This could be a breakout role for him.  

5. Connie Britton

Depressingly absent from the trailer, but her eyebrow raise at the end was enough to tide us over until she shines through the rest of the movie.

6. Timothy Olyphant

Rocking long blond locks that make him look like a California surfer who never bothered to grow up, the usually welcome Olyphant barely makes an impact in this, but like Britton, we like him and hopefully there's more coming. He does apparently play Fey's love interest, so ten points to Gryffindor.

7. Dax Sheppard

He steals Bateman's wife but gets punched by Fey. Let's call it even. 

8. Jason Bateman

He needs to stop playing mopey put-upon dudes who magically find love through a streak of bad luck. 


1,572. Corey Stoll

Who? Where? The poor guy does little more than blink while sitting between his co-stars. Let's hope he has a line or two in the movie. 

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