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Picture this: it's November 18, 2016. You're riding around in your hovercar, global warming has consumed all of Florida, and Hillary Clinton was just elected the first female president of the United States. Best of all: a new J.K. Rowling movie just hit theaters (assuming we still have movie theaters)!

Yes, the first of Rowling's Harry Potter spinoff trilogy, based on the book Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, now has a release date:

November 18, 2016

Even though the book is just 42 pages long, Warner Bros. intends to make three films out of it, because three times the film = three times the money. The book, written in 2001 in between the fourth and fifth Potter books, takes place in the same world as Harry Potter but is set 70 years before. Rowling has said not to expect a prequel nor a sequel to the Potter films.

While we now have a release date, we still don't know who will be directing or acting in the movie. But we do know that Rowling will be its screenwriter and producer, which bodes well for Potter fans.


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