'The Good Wife' Winners and Losers: Will Alicia Pull a Hillary?

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"A Weird Year," The Good Wife season five finale, had a really weird ending (spoilers ahead!). There were a lot of weird little incidents — Cary teaming up with Canning, Jackie almost slapping Veronica, Diane teaming up with Florrick Agos — but the idea of Alicia running for state's attorney is just the weirdest. At least, that's how Eli and Alicia react. 

"Would you want to run for state's attorney?" 

The idea of the scorned politician's wife becoming a formidable politician in her own right isn't unbelievable — Hillary Clinton has run for president one and a half times (if you count all the 2016 speculation), something that would have seemed unlikely during the height of Monica Lewinsky's infamy. The difference between Hillary and Alicia, however, is that Alicia doesn't have a politician's ruthlessness. Even as a lawyer she's too honest and too determined to play by the rules. During Peter's campaigns she never wanted to be in the spotlight, while Huma Abedin (the wife of Anthony Weiner) played a major role in crafting her husband's comeback campaign. 

The next year/season will be another weird one for Alicia, because she'll once again have to figure out what it means to be the good wife. Does she have it in her to be a Huma/Hillary type, or is she a brand new form of politician's wife? 

Winner: Cary

Loser: Cary

Poor Cary. On the one hand, Cary is probably the only character who got exactly what he wanted. He didn't want to merge with Lockhart Gardner, and the firm isn't merging (all he had to do was make a deal with the devil). But finding out Kalinda sleeps with him partially to get information is a loss. It's more sad when you remember that Cary's father has a habit of only showing him affection when he needs something, too.

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Winner: Veronica

Loser: Jackie

Alicia's mother and Peter's mother getting drunk and cooking dinner was bound to end poorly, but Veronica (Stockard Channing) got the best digs in. Jackie comments that Alicia is going to be late, and Veronica chimes in, "well, that's what happens when you work Jackie, a concept that's probably alien to you." Then Jackie called her a bitch and almost hit her. Actually, this one might be a tie. 

Winner: Alicia

Loser: Finn

The current state's attorney managed to dig up some dirt on Finn pertaining to his dead drug addict sister, which goes to show you how awful politics can be. So Finn is dropping out of the race.  But then, after a failed attempt to convince Diane to run instead, Eli gets that look in the final moments of the episode, that mix of "this is crazy" and "has the answer to my problems been right in front of me the whole time?" He asks Alicia to run. Her response, like ours, was "What?"

Winners: Lockhart, Florrick, Agos & Associates and Louis Canning

Losers: TBD

Diane managed to get the votes to keep the partners from pushing her out, but Canning threatened to dissolve the firm if she didn't get out of his way. He pushed her out, and it only took him a month. But Diane is taking her $38 million in billings to Florrick Agos. Whether that works out better for Canning or Diane isn't clear yet. Until next season!

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