'The Good Wife' Winners and Losers: How Alicia (Almost) Got Her Groove Back

She was this close, you guys. (Spoilers ahead.)

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She was this close, you guys. While watching last night's episode, your inner romantic was likely torn between rooting for Alicia's new love interest and mourning your OTP. Alicia meets cute with battery builder Daniel Irwin (Lost's Nestor Carbonell) at jury duty, after graciously giving up her seat to a surly pregnant woman. Obviously, their chemistry is nowhere near Will and Alicia levels, but it's a start. Even Alicia asks herself, "Who am I staying faithful to?" Her dead ex-lover of her husband?

The thing is, Alicia is obviously not ready to date again, not even with an attractive guy with good hair. Alicia isn't just mourning, she's basically going through a mid-life crisis. She doesn't know if she wants to be a lawyer, but she regrets leaving her career to raise her kids. She doesn't even know what to do on her day off, other than get drunk and watch Darkness and Noon (which continues to be the best fake show on TV). The last thing she needs right now is another man to make her feel like her life has direction.

Winner: The ghost of Will

Loser: Daniel Irwin

He ordered two glasses of wine; he was so sure she was coming.

Winner: The state's attorney's office

Loser: LG, Robbie Pollard

Diane represents Robbie Pollard, the son of one of her wealthy clients, when the police think he's working for Silk Road and maybe even invented it. Apparently the police tracked 69 bitcoin flowing into his private wallet, which they can now track thanks to Mt. Gox going bankrupt. For a brief moment, The Good Wife's target demographic overlapped with Gizmodo's.

At first it seems like he's being set up by Corsica a girl he knows from school, but eventually Kalinda figures out he might actually be guilty due to some speech recognition glitch. It's boring, and I'm beginning to wonder why so many possible coding geniuses (the inventor of bitcoin, the inventor of Chum Hum, the inventor of Silk Road) would want to live part or full-time in Chicago.

Winner: Louis Canning

Loser: Louis Canning

Canning says he's dying, which explains why he and David Lee keep having secret meetings — they're estate planning. Diane asks Kalinda to find out if he's really dying, or he's just trying to screw her. "He is dying," she says, "and he's trying to screw you."

Winner: Eli Gold

Loser: Finn Polmar

This is why people hate journalists. Recurring TV reporter Mandy Post (Miriam Shor) asks Finn, out of the blue, about his dead drug-addict sister who killed herself after the family cut her off. "Would you say this was an instance where tough love failed?" she asks. Finn's answer was perfect. "I think the hardest lesson for all of us was knowing that no matter what we did to help, ultimately it wasn't up to us." Eli has a budding politician on his hands, and Finn gets his first taste of what it means to run for State's Attorney — very little is off limits. And based on the previews for next week, it's only going to get worse.

Winner: Darkness at Noon

Loser: True Detective, Low Winter Sun

There's something about watching clips from Darkness at Noon — a spoof of all the hyper-masculine, super white dark, brooding dramas — on The Good Wife, a show that manages to critically acclaimed even without a bunch of crack addicts and hookers. There's only one unhappily married woman. Also, lines like this are perfect: "Love is a chimera. I saw a crack whore eat her own arm. I saw a baby drowning like a cat."

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