The Box Office Loves Thy 'Neighbors'

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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where good Neighbors makes good fences and dominates the weekend. Also, Spider-Man gets stuck.

1. Neighbors (Universal): $51 million in 3,279 theaters.

We raved about Neighbors and America naturally listened. The Seth Rogen/Rose Byrne prank comedy dominated the weekend offerings in its first week, breaching the $50 million mark. It's the best performing live-action Seth Rogen opening by a long shot. (Superbad was next with just $12.) For context, this is a better opening than The Hangover and not quite on par with Ted, which had a cartoon bear so, go figure. Zac Efron probably helped fire up the younger base for a flick about generational warfare.

2. The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Sony): $37.2 million in 4,324 theaters.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had quite a sophomore slump, plummeting from $91 million to below $40 million with nary a web to break its fall. The reviews probably didn't help. Bette Midler, who always know the temperature in the room, explains the tepid reaction.

Divine Miss Dis!

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3. The Other Woman (Fox): $9.2 million in 3,306 theaters.

Cameron Diaz and crew hung in there, despite competition in the comedy department from Neighbors. After three weeks, The Other Woman has earned back its production budget with another $20 million to spare.

4. Heaven Is for Real (TriStar): $7 million in 3,048 theaters.

Heaven Is for Real took fourth place in its fourth week. After a steady opening, the  Greg Kinnear faith flick has been increasing its theater count each week, capitalizing on the strong word-of-mouth and solid reviews. Will it continue to hang around or meet its maker next week?

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Buena Vista): $5.6 million in 2,701 theaters.

After icing April like an extended winter, Chris Evans and ScarJo are now in the box office rear-view mirror. Pity them not, the latest Captain America installment is a Top 10 Marvel movie now and should close out its domestic run with over $250 million in the bank.

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