'Spider-Man 2' Does Whatever a Franchise Can

Welcome to the Box Office Report, where 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' leaves all other movies in the cobwebs.

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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where The Amazing Spider-Man 2 leaves all other movies in the cobwebs.

1. The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Sony): $92 million in 4,324 theaters.

Well America, we knew you would do it. The question wasn't whether The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (what a mouthful) would capture the box office crown, but if it have enough magic to break $100 million mark. Turns out, it didn't. But the Andrew Garfield-Emma Stone love story with occasional action breaks did perform solidly among its recent franchise peers' openings, splitting the difference between Captain America (strong) and Thor (meh).

2. The Other Woman (Fox): $14.2 million in 3,238 theaters.

Cameron Diaz's latest effort sank like a stone in its sophomore weekend, dropping almost $10 million after wresting the box office title last week from the clutches of the monolithic Captain America. (Word and/or bad reviews must have finally gotten out.) No bother. The flick's earnings surpassed its production budget despite the fact that Don Johnson and Kate Upton are in the cast.

3. Heaven Is for Real (TriStar): $8.7 million in 2,930 theaters.

For the third straight week, Heaven Is for Real took third place in its widest release yet. The Greg Kinnear faith flick continues to hold steady, anchored by strong worth of mouth. It certainly also helps that the book sold a gazillion copies.

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Buena Vista): $7.7 million in 3,179 theaters.

After three weeks on top, Chris Evans and ScarJo were unseated last week. Now into May, the winter soldier is finally melting away as Spider-Man 2 became the obvious actiony draw this weekend. Over the weekend, however, Captain America broke into the Top 10 highest-grossing Marvel flicks of all-time, passing X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

5. Rio 2 (Fox): $7.6 million in 3,314 theaters.

Also in its box office denouement is Rio 2, which rounded out the Top 5 this week. Its domestic ticket sales broke the $100-million barrier and exceeded its production budget, which is extremely nice if you consider that the flick pulled in an additional $250 million internationally.

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