'Parks and Recreation' and 'Parenthood' Are Ending Next Season

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NBC's two shows that begin with the letters P-A-R are both going to end next season, according to the channel's release about next season's schedule.

Parks and Recreation and Parenthood are heading into seasons seven and six, respectively, and both shows have been on the bubble in the past, so the cancellations come as no surprise. Parks' season finale, especially, felt like a series finale -- the show's writers possibly hedging their bets in case it wasn't renewed. Both shows have very passionate fanbases, so surprise or no, the news is probably a serious bummer for them. It could be worse, though! Community is already gone.

We'll also have to wait a while for Parks' swan song -- NBC is putting it on the schedule as a mid-season replacement (which will be familiar territory for the show, having done the midseason thing in its first and third seasons). No word yet on how many episodes there will be, but Parenthood will only have 13, probably because the show has become so expensive to produce with its large, famous cast.

NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke tried to put a positive spin on the bad news, saying: "We have several of our strongest comedies by some of our best auspices being held for midseason, including the final season of Parks and Recreation."


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