Netflix Is Turning 'Wet Hot American Summer' Into a TV Series

According to Variety, a 10-episode prequel series to Wet Hot American Summer will be coming to Netflix, some 13 years after the movie's original release.

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According to Variety, a 10-episode prequel series to Wet Hot American Summer will be coming to Netflix, some 13 years after the movie's original release.

The movie, which has become a cult classic in its own right, featured some of the best talent in comedy today, including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Ken Marino, Elizabeth Banks, Molly Shannon, Michael Ian Black, and Bradley Cooper. Nearly all of the movie's stars are bigger names now than when they made WHAS, though, and that could pose some scheduling difficulties. Variety explains the plan to work around that:

While it might seem a tall order to reunite the original cast, the plan is to make it happen by having each of the actors shoot their scenes in just a few days because not every character will appear in every episode.

David Wain and Michael Showalter are on board to produce, so it seems that most of the original team for WHAS will return for Netflix's series. A return to WHAS has been in the works for a while, apparently, though according to Variety, "the creators have talked about doing a sequel in prequel form, but never in TV series form."  There aren't too many details on the project (Netflix declined to comment), but the plot outline has the middle-age actors playing high school characters (hey, why not?).

Is this a good idea? It's undeniable that WHAS is a contemporary classic, and everyone involved deserves the benefit of the doubt, but the same could've been said about Arrested Development, and Netflix's decade-later revival of that was met with far more tepid reviews than the original series. Add in the challenge of turning the film into a television series, and this seems like it could be more effort than ultimately pays off. But we'd never deny this mix of talent, both on-screen and off, the chance to work together, so have at it. Just as long as Christopher Meloni comes back:

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